About Our Company

About Our Company

Starting in late September through November 2020, the core team and the architect behind the new corporate structure of BitShares, Milos (Digital Lucifer) Preocanin, held a long discussion regarding the 2020 trading profits, equity markets opportunities, and potential leverage of the #covid19 #pandemic as an alternative investment vehicle bringing back real value to the BitShares brand. With the full blessings of the owner of BitShares.org domain and EU Trademark, to start global incorporation using the ‘BitShares’ name.

'The one who follows the crowd will usually get no further than the crowd. The one who walks alone, is likely to find himself in places no one has ever been.' - Albert Einstein

With strong partnership, legal support and presence in Thailand, February 2021 BitShares Management Group Limited was founded. The main objectives to promote, expand and utilize the original BitShares technology, repurchase 1 billion of BTS Digital Asset from Centralized Exchanges, and finally create a fork of the BitShares blockchain which will serve as a DLT Stock with its in-built Digital Stock Exchange. DLT Stock will then be submitted as a Public Stock to the traditional Thai Stock Market, becoming the first IPO launch based on a blockchain.


Properties Being




in Thailand

$ 809,233.72

Paid Equity



Percentage Progress

on Purchases

To join the Thai Stock Market and provide real value to the BitShares network and technology, BitShares Management Group Limited started purchasing properties in collaboration with an Exclusive Properties partner at huge discounts from broken debts (Kai Faak). Our goal is to raise 2,000,000 USD and finalize the purchases of high-valued properties (holdings) to be presented to the Thai Stock Market as real value of the BTSMG Stock. Later through liquidation, we will provide profits and turn-key revenue for the development and progress of the BitShares ecosystem, securing rewards for the investors within the project.

'An investment in knowledge pays the best interest' ~ Benjamin Franklin

Our founding members (shareholders) in Thailand, their respective positions and background.

Ratchaphol Pattanasakpaiboon / MD & Majority Shareholder

Kevin Job / Manager & Shareholder

Pattama Budyak / Shareholder

Founders in Thailand for

Our Office

BitShares Management Group Head Office is in final process of renovations and interior finish. More pictures coming soon,.