Finance Report StakeBTS


We will provide some insight into the use and success of the StakeBTS program. As with any reward program, potential and active participants want to to see past success and current activity. The visuals provided here are produced from live data. Please see the description for each visual for more info.

Amount StakeBTS

The StakeBTS program at any given moment has a maximum stake limit of 25,000,000 BTS. This chart shows the amount of BTS that may be staked and the amount currently staked. The [end] value is the amount of staked BTS principal that has been returned to users after their stake period has ended.

Stake Period

you can add this to the Stake Period paragraph: The blue, black, and grey portions indicate the percentage of participants who have selected a stacking period of 3 months, 6 months, and 12 months respectively.

  • 57.75% = 13¸050¸000 BTS [Available]

  • 42.25% = 6¸950¸000 BTS [Stake]

  • 1¸500¸000 BTS [End]

  • 3 months

  • 6 months

  • 12 months

Amount of Stake : 6,950,000 BTS
Returned amount (Principal): 1,500,000 BTS
Amount of Rewards paid : 876,000 BTS

Line Graph

This graph shows: A) the amount of BTS currently staked as a percentage of the maximum limit, B) the amount of BTS stakes completed and paid out, and C) the amount of BTS paid out as staking reward.

  • 62.5% = 35 users [New]

  • 12.5% = 7 users [Return]

  • 25% = 14 users [End]

Stake User

for the Stake User paragraph, please add: Also shown is the number of participants [End] whose stake period has ended and have not re-staked under the same account.